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What does the Star of David symbolize?

What does the Star of David symbolize?

The Star of David is the most common symbol for expressing Jewish identity in our times. The earliest known Star of David dates to the 6th Century BCE. What is the significance of the Star of David?

The Star of David, which is known in Hebrew as a Magen David, is the most common symbol for expressing Jewish identity in our times. From the Israeli flag to Israeli Air Force planes to the Magen David Adom ambulance service, the Star of David features prominently in today’s Jewish life. Even though in antiquity the menorah that once stood in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was the main Jewish symbol, since 17th century Europe, the Star of David has been the main Jewish symbol. This intensified after 1897, when the Star of David was formally adopted by the Zionist Movement. But what does the Star of David symbolize?

Some claim that the Star of David symbolizes King David’s shield, although there is no rabbinical support for that claim. Some profess that it is connected to Rabbi Akiva and the Bar Kochba Revolt against the Romans, while there is also little support for this as well. Additionally, there is a legend connecting it to the Seal of King Solomon, which was used to control spirits and demons. Others stated that the upper triangle in the Star of David strives upwards towards G-d while the lower triangle is faced towards the real world that we live in. Still others claim that the three triangles in the Star of David represents three types of Jews: the Kohanim, the Levites and the Israelites. However, none of these theories are backed up by history or the Jewish faith.

The Zohar offers a different idea. According to the Zohar, “There are three knots connecting to one another: the Holy One blessed be he, the Torah and Israel.” The Jewish soul connects to G-d through the study and observance of the Torah; the triangle in the Star of David represents the connection between these three. Since the Torah contains both exoteric teachings (Talmud, Jewish law, etc.) and esoteric teachings (Kabbalah), the double triangle of the Star of David symbolizes the connections between G-d’s revealed energy and hidden essence, the souls revealed elements and the essence that transcends the body as well as the different dimensions of G-d, the Torah and Israel.

Another explanation for the meaning behind the Star of David can be found in the Kabballah, which teaches that G-d created the world with seven spiritual building blocks that include kindness, severity, harmony, perseverance, splendor, foundation and royalty. Since the Star of David contains seven compartments, it is suggested that the Star of David represents these.

It is critical to note that equilateral triangles are a common symbol in the Middle East and North Africa, where it is believed that they bring good luck. In this region, people think that the upward triangle represents female sexuality and the lower triangle represents male sexuality; combined, they symbolize harmony and unity. The earliest known Star of David dates to the 6th Century BCE in the Holy Land. It was next used eight centuries later inside a Capernaum synagogue but only since the 1800’s was the Star of David a universally recognized symbol of Judaism

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fDtxIrUbczG - September 29, 2020


audwbDpx - September 29, 2020


Silver Eagle - November 6, 2017

Some bloggers say David did not have a star and they quote Amos, but not Andy ! Then Moe goes to the Book of Acts, but does not quote anything from the Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady. What nonsense! I wasn’t there and I don’t know whether David had a star, or whether Jesus walked on water. However the star representing the Hebrew/ Jewish people have been passed down thru the ages, pogroms, holocausts, inquisitions. All the world has accepted the star as being Davids, despite what Amos (and Andy say.) So Moe, find some other cause to champion. Perhaps circumcision is more your style……………

EMILIO - August 8, 2017

Well I have been using the Start over 30 + years by now, always falled in Love with equilater triangulo’ s at the beginning was not aware of the simbology, later did new the origin is esoteric in essence since always brought my attention my Mother gave it to me as a gift so love my Star and will continue to ware it, regardless of been an esoteric simbol wether it uses don’t believe is a satanic symbol, contrary its a majestic simbol of protection and divine connection. Not a rare thing that Satan may used a.divine symbol he knows the divine origin of it, however perhaps the cruzz is a satanic symbol. So therefore will shall continue wearing my two triangulos. Love it, not Jew, but love Israel and always will. ????

Michael Jeans - January 10, 2017

How can one say this is a wicked symbol. I love Israel and its people and when I display the Israeli flag or wear the Star of David I am declaring my love and support for Israel. I am a Christian and I love Israel and the Jewish people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Meade Fitz - September 14, 2016

The symbol, Star of David, is what one wants it to be….we have free agency…..I believe, is as in Heaven so shall it be on earth…Israel, GODS chosen people……it signifies connection ………I love Israel………………………..

Pinny - May 9, 2016

The Magen David has 12 points where the lines meet or intersect. 0ne at the top, one at the bottom, 4 on each of the horizontal lines, and 2 in the middle, for a total of 12 – representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

Jehoshaphat Harvest Summer - April 10, 2016

Is a sign of the son of man

Jean Pruitt - April 10, 2016

I love my Magen David, from my trip to Israel in ‘06, I wear it all the time…..I’m not Jewish, but I must have been in another life……❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nakedi - April 10, 2016

I agree with what Zohar and Kabbalah implies, and through these I also think the star talks to the phrase “As above, so below”. Even how Keter, Chesed and Gevurah, interacts with Chokhmah, Bina and Tifferet or how Chesed, Gevurah and Yesod interacts with Daat, Netzach and Hod.

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