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Emeralds are a symbol of romance that was first discovered 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt: “No stone has a color that is more delightful to the eye.” It is also the birthstone of May.

Since antiquity, emeralds have been considered a great stone to symbolize romance. Aside from being the birthstone of May, it is also the stone utilized for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. In addition, emeralds symbolize new growth. Emeralds were first discovered in Egypt 4,000 years ago. Cleopatra loved emeralds so much that the first emerald mines within the country were named after her and she presented foreign dignitaries with emeralds carved in her likeness in order to symbolize her power.

The ancient Incas also utilized emeralds in their temples for their priests believed that they were sacred to their gods. For 500 years, they utilized emeralds in their religious ceremonies and as jewelry. Folklore taught that one could foresee the future if an emerald was placed under ones tongue; it was also believed that emeralds could reveal the truth and protect one from evil spells. In the past, people even believed that emeralds could cure diseases like malaria and cholera.  The Mughals associated emeralds with paradise. As the great historian Pliny the Elder wrote in the 1st Century AD, “No stone has a color that is more delightful to the eye.”

However, emeralds also possess significance for the Jewish people. One of the twelve precious stones on the breast plate of the Jewish High Priest who used to work in the Temple in Jerusalem was the emerald. Emeralds are associated with the Levi tribe.  In addition, legend has it that emeralds were 1 of the 4 stones that God gave King Solomon, which endowed him with power over all of creation.


This gem of the springtime must be green and cannot be too light. Otherwise, it cannot be classified as an emerald.  However, it can have a little bit of blue in it and still be classified as an emerald. Star of D sells Zambian emeralds. Zambian emeralds are unusually perfect and rare due to the even distribution of their color and their relative lack of flaws. Zambian emeralds are also known for their special clarity and transparency, demonstrating that emeralds can display an excellent brilliance.

The Kagem mine where Star of D takes the emeralds from is known to provide miners with good employee rights and takes environmental precautions by eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, training workers to engage in environmentally friendly methods, and investing in technology that helps to reduce the environmental damage. The mine has a close partnership with World Land Trust, a conservation group dedicated to preserving biologically important habitats.

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Dana Nasi


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Rod Mangos

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beautifull…any one a gift of an emerald for young woman named [emerald] " holy city gate keeper…many thanks to whomsoever any such…gracious too

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